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Why Canada

Earn globally recognized degree in Canada. Canada is a country with a vibrant international students community and equally diverse workplaces. Canada offers quality education with great work opportunities and exposure at an affordable price. Canada is home to some of the best universitis in the world.

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Explore Opportunities

Know what colleges offer programs in the disciplines you wish to pursue. Know the eligibilty criteria for each program and each school. Explore for info on the universities and know about the campus, lifestyle, education and other aspects of student life in various uniersities.

Testing For IELTS

Prepare for IELTS with Kanan International. IELTS is a must for every aspirant wishing to pursue educational opportunities in Canada.

Preparing Documentation

SOP , LOR , ESSAYS are all important part of every application you send. Get help in customizing these docs that will help you get a chance to study at the university of your choice.

Select And Apply For Universities

Our dedicated councellors team will help you select and help you fill up forms to apply for the universities.

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Key Facts

Benefits Of Studying In Canada


Canada offers top quality education and its degrees are recognized in every corner of the world.


The fee structure for all degree programs is very reasonable. Scholarship opportunities are also available for select universities for students par excellence.

Multi-ethnic Environment

Find and network with people of various ethnicities in Canada and get immersed in a cross-cultural experience.


Studying in Canada also paves the way for an easier immigration process if you wish to settle there.

Admission Process


We help students find the best fit for their prospective studies. We profile the students to match the eligibility criteria and suggest colleges they can apply for.

Application Assistance

We provide assistance in filling up the application and sending them to the concerned universities. We also offer help with writing essays, SOP, LOR and fulfilling other pre-requirements.

Test Preparation

Take our course on IELTS to score high. We offer training in preparing for the English test with the IELTS course. Learn how to score 7.0+ band score.

Travel Support

We offer our services in preparing and filling up travel application.

Pre-Departure Support

Learn a bit about how to move well in a multi-cultural environment. Help with other pre-departure activities.


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