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The US has a thriving international community and is home to many top universities and companies in the world. You will open your eyes to a new world, full of new experiences and good exposure. with its degrees recognized worldwide, there is no limit to the opportunities available to you.

Our Services

Explore Opportunities

Explore your opportunities, eligibility for scholarships. You gather info and discuss on the best courses and universities you can apply for, with our guidance councellors with you every step of the way.

Testing For IELTS

Kanan International experts to train you to score high in IELTS. A must for every aspirant wanting to study in the US.

Preparing Documentation

Assistance in customizing important documentation necessary for applying to the universities in the US. These include your Essays, SoP and LoR.

Select And Apply For Universities

Get help to select the choice of universities, course and school of learning. Fill up forms to the universities you want to apply.

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Key Facts

Benefits Of Study In USA


Globally recognized degree. Very highquality of education and training.


Scholarship opportunities and financial aid are available for international students. Schools have a reasonable fee structure.

Multi-ethnic Environment

Immerse in a cross-cultural experience, interacting and collaborating with people for various background.


Studying in US is a good way to get more opportunities for work and for future immigration to the US.

Admission Process


We use the student profile to match them with the best colleges that they can apply for. We guide them with any questions that they have.

Application Assistance

Writing essays, SOP, LOR and fulfilling other pre-requirements are offered. additionally, we help you fill up the application form and send it to the concerned university.

Test Preparation

Aptitude assessment prep is offered. Kanan International experts offer training for the IELTS exam. learn to score 7.0+ with us.

Visa Process

Student visa application to fill up and any supporting documents required.

Pre-Departure Support

Support on all pre-departure activities and requirements. We'll be with you till you take off towards your new destination.


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